Basics & Breakfast October


Tuesday, October 29th


Corner Bakery Cafe
9311 Katy Frwy 77024

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This class is Real Estate CE Certified! Come get an hour (1) credit, while learning great and valuable information!


Darel Daik – Noble Mortgage & Investments Steve Rozenberg – Empire Industries

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Darel Daik – Noble Mortgage & Investments

Darel will be discussing how to finance both flips and rentals for residential property using Hard Money, Conventional, Portfolio and No Income loan programs.

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Darel Daik is a 20+ year veteran in real estate investment financing. Considered an expert in the field, Darel founded Noble Mortgage & Investments, LLC in 2003 with a focus on providing innovative financing primarily to investors in the major Texas markets. Noble Mortgage currently has offices in Dallas and Houston and is a full service mortgage company that offers hard money, conventional, portfolio and no income loan products for both residential and commercial property. Darel’s goal is to provide quick funding for opportunistic investors purchasing residential and commercial real estate that are distressed, in disrepair or have been mismanaged. Darel’s passion with customer service, integrity and providing solutions has been instrumental in establishing Noble Mortgage as a premier lender in Texas. Darel has been involved in over $500MM in real estate transactions and is passionate about educating investors about all types of financing so they can better their lives.

Steve Rozenberg – Empire Industries

“Self Management VS Property Management”
What is right for you?
 Steve Rozenberg takes a deep dive into what being a landlord really entails; from tenants, toilets to all the turmoil nobody talks about.
From an Investor’s perspective, he weighs out the PROS and the CONS of each, thus, helping you come to the best conclusion on your own depending on your personal goals as a Real Estate Investor.

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Steve is an international commercial Airline Pilot who turned investor after the shock of 9/11 turned his airline career world upside down and the “safe-secure” job was anything but that. This is when he realized he needed to be in control of his own destiny. Since then he has owned dozens rental properties as well as apartment complexes, he has also flipped and wholesaled hundreds of properties in Houston, Texas. He and his business partner, Pete, failed miserably as landlord investors thanks to terrible tenants, worse neighborhoods and zero structure. It took them years, but with the help and guidance of mentors and coaches they have figured out how to leverage each other’s strengths to successfully build a multi-million dollar property management business. Steve has hosted several of his own local radio shows along with being a guest of some of the most prestigious names in the Industry (John Dumas, Brad Lea, Brad Sugars, PropelioTV) as well many other throughout the US, Australia and the UK. He currently hosts 2 Podcast shows. Landlord Survival; where he actively helps the regular landlord overcome day-to-day problems and Lion’s Leadership Den where he and his co-host talk with Entrepreneurs and business owners about how they deal with common challenges leaders in any industry deal with and overcome. He has had the opportunity to travel across the US , Australia and New Zealand speaking on stages while he shares his passion to educate the Self-Managing Landlord on how to be successful in the ‘business’ of Real Estate and the pitfalls to avoid. As well as having upper level presentations to business owners about topics that range from leadership, motivation, goal setting, marketing, communications and the importance of having a check list mindset, utilizing systemization & methodology. He has written and published 7 E-books, and his most recent literary creation “Building an Empire: Failing out way to Millions” where Steve tells an in-depth recollection of his own Entrepreneurial journey. Steve Rozenberg University was established in 2013 with its mission to increase investor education and wealth building to others around the world. It has produced over 100 video seminars for its “Owner Education Series” and “Steve Rozenberg On the Road”. Steve is a member of NAPM Houston and Ft. Worth, TX, CE certified and is a licensed real estate agent. You can view many of Steve’s videos on www.empireindustriesllc.com/steve-rozenberg-university/radio-shows or www.empireindustriesllc.com/blog You can also visit him on his own website www.SteveRozenberg.com
This class is Real Estate CE Certified! Come get an hour (1) credit, while learning great and valuable information!