Do You Dream of Real Estate Investment Properties?

If you’ve always dreamed of investing in Dallas real estate, but don’t believe you quite have what it takes, don’t count yourself out. Building real, long term wealth through investment properties is now easier than ever. Dallas hard money lenders offer a range of programs designed to help hard-working investors make their dreams of buying and selling investment properties come true.

Why Invest in Dallas Real Estate?

Dallas has one of the healthiest economies in the United States. Since 2010 it has seen massive increases to its GDP, year after year. In 2014 it even surpassed its much larger Texan neighbor, Houston, in real GDP.
The economy is centered around technology, defense, telecommunications, transportation, and processing. When taken together, all of this growth and bustle also makes it a very ideal place to invest in Dallas real estate.
According to the Dallas Morning News, home prices are growing at almost twice the U.S. rate. And there’s good reason. This northern Texas city is in the middle of the second largest population boom in the nation. In March 2016, it was even featured in Time Magazine as one of the nation’s five fastest growing cities overall. Even Forbes couldn’t resist commenting on the economic explosion happening in the northern metro areas.
In short, there could hardly be a better time to invest in Dallas real estate, if you’re not already.

What are Hard Money Lenders and Loans?

If you’re just learning about investment properties, don’t worry. You haven’t missed your chance to catch your share of the action. The booming economy means that there is more than enough Dallas real estate to go around, even for new investors. So here’s what you need to know about these loan programs.
Dallas hard money lenders offer dallas hard money loans. Simple, right? Dallas hard money loans are short-term loan programs that allow investors to acquire inexpensive distressed properties, cover the cost of repair and rehabilitation, and still sell at a profit.

How do Hard Money Loans Work?

Easy. Hard money loans in Dallas don’t just cover the cost of the distressed property. They also cover closing costs and repairs. How is that possible, you ask? Another easy answer. Dallas hard money loans are based on the ARV, or ‘after repair value’. This means that they are awarded at a much higher amount than the cost of the property. This ‘extra money’ goes to cover the cost of repairs and closing costs.
Investors who are able to fix and flip the quickest, as well as sell at the highest price, are able to make large profits on hard money loans in Dallas. Furthermore, due to the nature of these loan programs, approval amounts are based more on the value of the property than on the credit worthiness of the borrower. That makes it an even better investment opportunity for those with little credit history or poor credit scores.

Learn More About Dallas Hard Money Lenders and Loan Programs

If all of this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. It’s not. Hard money lenders and loan programs have established their value in the Dallas real estate industry, and signify the true health of the economy.
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