Get Started in Dallas Real Estate Investment If you’re looking to make money in a short term Dallas real estate investment, our Dallas hard money loans can help you get started. If you’ve had your eye on a distressed property in a prime location but no one wants because of the condition, we can help you out. We can help you get the property financed, fixed up, and back on the market in no time.

Residential Hard Money Loans

Our residential hard money loans can help you purchase a distressed home, fix it, and flip it fast. All you have to do is apply and qualify for our loan. Once you have the property and fix it up with a little TLCa and real estate know-how, you can resell the property at a profit. The good thing is that our residential Dallas hard money loans include the repair costs, and typically include the closing costs, as well. This is a great way to start up on your real estate investments with very little money down. Of course, this isn’t an easy task, but it has a faster and higher payout than most other traditional investments. Once you’re able to understand the skills needed to fix and flip a home, however, you can continue to build on your real estate investments.

Commercial Hard Money Loans

Unlike residential loans, commercial loans are slightly different. Commercial hard money loans help purchase distressed commercial property and repair it for a profitable resale. Similar to flipping a home, you find an attractive location that is in need of repairs. With commercial loans, however, this loan is meant for offices, warehouses, and retail locations. Commercial loans, however, typically don’t cover the full amount like residential. This means you do not get the full amount to cover all of the repair costs. Of course, you can also use this loan if you are in need of repositioning a business.

Use for Short-Term Investment

Our Dallas hard money loans are short-term and have high-interest rates. This means that they are meant to be used for a short period of time. The loans are “balloon” shaped, where the interest grows after a period of time. With a hard money loan, the term can last from one to five years. Essentially, the quicker you can fix and repair the property and sell it, the better off you are with your investments. But, you only start to make payments once you finish your work.

Learn More About Our Dallas Hard Money Loans

If you’re in the area, have found a property, and are ready to get started with Dallas real estate investment, let Noble Mortgage & Investments help you. We’ve been lending in Texas since 2003. Learn more about our hard money loans and how they can help with your investments. Call us today at [phone number=”(214) 492-0100″] or prequalify for your loan online. Let’s discuss your financial needs.

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