Get What You Need for a Good Investment Flipping a house seems to be the new thing these days. Ever since a Reality TV show on house flipping came out, people want to give it a try themselves. Whether this is your first time or your hundredth time, Noble Mortgage and Investments can provide you the loans for house flipping that you need. So what exactly is all the hype about house flipping?

Buying and Selling

Even though purchasing a house along with repair costs is high, the investment can help make a a good profit. Let’s say you buy a house that runs for $120,000. Add about $15,000 for repair costs. That’s a total of $135,000. If you can fix up the house and sell it for $150,000, you end up making $15,000. It’s a quick way to make a good investment. However, the only problem is how are you going to get the money to help with your investment? Noble Mortgage offers residential and commercial hard money loans to help find a financial solution. We act quickly, knowing you need the property soon, preferably before someone else takes it.

Multiple Property

Just like a single property, you can also buy multiple properties and flip them as well. If you buy three homes for $100,000 each and use $20,000 to repair each home, it adds up to $120,000 for each home. That equals to a total amount of $480,000. That may seem high, but let’s say you were able to sell each home for $150,000 each, or $600,000 in total. You made a total profit of $120,000. In order for you to start this investment, however, you’re likely to need loans for house flipping to pay for the homes and repair expenses.

Slow and Steady Income

Another way to make a profit is to become a land lord. A land lord is a great way to make a steady income on the side. You find a home in a good location and want to rent it out. The cost of the home is about $120,000. After you flip the house and fix what you needed to fix, the repair cost ends up at $20,000. You spent a total of $140,000. If you rent your home at $1500 a month, that ends up at $18,000 for one year. By the end of eight years, you just paid off the home and repair costs. If you continue to rent out your home, you’ll begin to make lots of money in your own pocket. But you still need money to help get you started. With the help of loans for house flipping, we can get you the money you need.

Noble Mortgage Can Provide You Loans for House Flipping

If you need a loan to get into house flipping, let Noble Mortgage provide you the money you need. In any case, we can provide you different loans to get you the money in order to get you started. Call us today at [phone] to find out which loans you qualify for. Or apply online and get pre-qualified for your loan. Discover for yourself why loans for house flipping are so popular.

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