Real Estate Investment Loans Made For You Applying for real estate investment loans can be a struggle. Searching and finding the perfect house is hard, but affording a home can be the hardest. Luckily, Noble Mortgage & Investments LLC provides multiple types of real estate investment loans to fulfill your needs.

How Can We Help?

These days, the average cost of house is almost $300,000. Plus, when it comes to repairs, how much cash or credit do you have to cover the repair costs. These can add up to tens of thousands more, which which really wears a hole in most people’s pockets. 

Real Estate Investment Loans With Repair Cost

Noble Mortgage & Investments LLC can help in these hard times. Most traditional lenders only give up to 80 percent of the purchase cost. Now note that this does not include the additional repair cost, leaving you a bit on the high end. With Noble Mortgage & Investments LLC, we provide up to 70 percent of the high-repair cost. And in some cases we cover 100% of the property and the repairs. This not only helps with the cost of the home, but of course the repair as well. This typically measures tens of thousands of dollars or more in difference. Another thing that adds up is owning multiple properties. Sometimes it’s hard to purchase more than one at a time. Noble Mortgage & Investments LLC also helps provide real estate investment loans to help purchase multiple properties. Depending on the kind of loan you need, we help finance multiple properties.

Multiple Loan Options

Noble Mortgage & Investments LLC provides five different types of real estate investment loans: Residential Hard Money Loan, Residential Conventional Loan, Commercial Hard Money Loan, Commercial Conventional Loan, and the Joe the Investor Combo Loan. Each of these loans holds a different payment, are either short term or long term, and include funds to repair property, which is more than the traditional loaner. These loans can be used around the Houston area and even around Texas. This is convenient for multiple property loans around the state. A pre-qualification application is provided to help aid in what loans you can qualify for and is right for you. This also helps the seller know how much you will be provided. A letter will be provided to you with the amount. With a pre-approval, this allows the process of purchasing a house move quickly. The application can be found online on the website, which can be easily downloaded.

We Care About Our Clients

Our mission is to provide innovative and timely financing for real estate opportunities. We strive to enable our clients to capitalize on their endeavors. Our success is directly correlated with the success of our borrowers. We look to build long-term quality relationships; not quantity. We focus to build a relationship with our clients because we believe that you should be more than just a number, but a face to our company. It is difficult to find the perfect place for real estate investment loans. Noble Mortgage & Investment LLC tries to make it as convenient as possible to find a loan that is right for you.

Take the First Step by Applying for a Loan

Call us now [phone] or apply online to get pre-qualified for a loan. Buying a house doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. With Noble Mortgage & Investment LLC, they work with you to ensure the right loan. All you have to worry about is finding the right home

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