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With the help of our retail property investment loans, you can now purchase the property you’ve had your eyes on. We know how busy and how competitive the market is. It’s important to get the property as quickly as possible before it’s gone. We know you need the money, which is why you need help from a property loan. But the question is, how can our retail investment property loans help you? It’s not as difficult as you think.

Long and Short Leases

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can provide you with both long and short-term leases. Whether you’re looking to buy and sell or just buy, you have options for a comfortable loan term. Terms also decide how your rates will turn out. Depending on how quickly you’re looking to make your investment, you should look at both the term and rate amount. This will help you decide how serious your investment will be.
Remember, with a hard money loan, the terms are short, but the rates are balloon-shaped. That means over time, the rates grow. Keep that in mind if you’re selling your property.

Fix and Flip

If you’re looking to make an investment, you can use retail property investment loans as fix and flip loans. In some cases, you can get a great deal on a retail property. The problem is, if you’re looking to sell it, it needs a few fixer-uppers. The good news is, with a fix and flip loan for your retail property, you can use some of the loan cost to help with your repairs. This allows you to fix up and make repairs to the property before placing it back on the market for a higher cost.

Slow and Steady

We understand that some people want to take it slow and steady. If you’re looking to purchase the retail property and rent it out or if you’re looking for a property for yourself, don’t feel rushed. You need a more traditional style loan. Luckily, there are choices to help you. The rates are market index based but the terms can range up to 30 years for your convenience. It’s okay to take things slow and steady.

Begin Your Investment ASAP

As mentioned before, we know the market is busy. Retail investment is on the rise and it’s important to get the best property as soon as you can. We understand that you need your money, and you need it ASAP. With the help of retail investment property loans, you can get the amount you need to start your investment. Also, with the help of Noble Mortgage & Investments, you can pre-qualify for your loan as soon as 48 hours. Talk about a jump start.

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