Jump-Start Your Investment

You just saw a great investment property in a very nice location. Maybe it’s perfect for a rental property, or maybe it’s an ideal fix and flip. You know you want it, but perhaps you’re in need of one of our investment property loans to start your investments.
Before you get carried away, however, let’s cover the basics that will help you snag that property at the greatest profit to yourself. We don’t want you to make the wrong choice and come up short. Let us assist you before you invest in your property.

Hard Money Loans for Fix and Flip Rehab

These loans are designed to SELL this property. A crucial point, because you do not want to use this loan to purchase a property for yourself. Our hard money loans are meant to help purchase, fix, and sell distressed properties quickly and with maximum profit. Our hard money loans close quickly (10 days). These are the fastest way to snag a property you’ve had your eyes on before it’s off the market.
The reason why these loans are meant to sell and not used to purchase your own property is that they are short-term(1-5 years). The quicker you sell the property, the less interest you pay. The less interest you have to pay back also means more profit for you. They are easy to access and negotiable. The loan value is based on property value, not credit worthiness. Plus, they typically cover the closing costs.

Rental Property Loan

Rental property loans are ideal to RENT property. If you’re looking to make some extra cash as a landlord, then these loans are ideal. Of course, they are similar to traditional mortgage loans. They close in 30 to 45 days. Also, they are also long-term and low-interest. That means there’s no rushing to get your investment. So find a great property you would like to live in yourself and out it on the market to rent.

Traditional Mortgage

Our traditional mortgage loans are designed for those looking for a primary residential property. Yes, these are traditional because these loans are the ones you want to use when looking for property for yourself. Traditional mortgage loans are not meant to gain investment, but to find a home for yourself. We can help you start your purchase for your new home, but again, this is not an investment property loan. These loans are also long-term and low-interest.

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