Investment Property Loan According to Landlord Station, the investor-owned homes industry has established single family rentals as a $100 billion business. This is a huge industry to be part of! However, only 9% of Americans are taking advantage of the real estate investment game. These numbers are substantial because this means you are missing out on a lucrative way to make money. At Noble Money, we deal with real estate investors every day. We believe everyone should have a safe place to put your money that will bring you the most returns. You can take a gamble on the stock market, but that does not mean your money is protected. The market can crash at any moment. With the housing market, your chances of sustaining the investment and growing your portfolio are much higher. You also have collateral and the maintenance is much easier with this type of investing if you do it the right way. Need more reasons to begin investing in properties?

Reason #1 – Leverage Income

Leverage income is money you get without you doing any work. When you invest in real estate the property makes money by itself when you rent it out, which doesn’t require much work. You can even hire a property manager to handle the maintenance for you. If you are interested in investment property loan, contact Noble Money. We will take care of all your financial needs in this area so you can start getting leverage income faster!

Reason #2 – Tax – Free

As your property grows in value, this increases your investment portfolio. The beautiful thing about real estate investment is you do not have to pay taxes on this growth. Also, the money you get from investments every month is often tax-free. You can deduct a lot of the income.

Reason #3 – Write-Offs

You can write off a portion of your income depending on the real estate investment situation you are in. The interest you pay on a house you can use as a deduction, so you pay fewer taxes for the year. Certain home improvements to the property can also be used as a write-off. This saves you a lot of capital in the long run.

Reason #4 – Retirement Plan

Putting money into a house is a forced retirement plan that continues to grow. You are investing a lot of money into it while gaining collateral. This is a better way to put money away for a retirement plan versus an IRA or 401(k). Often people have a hard time saving or putting money away. When you put it into a house, this 30+ year commitment keeps you on track so when you do decide to retire you do so comfortably without worrying about money. What’s even better is the investment continues to grow well after you pass away so you can give this income to your children as well!

Reason #5 – Appreciation

Even with the housing marketing crashing in 2009, properties still continue to appreciate. The land grows in value and continues to grow for many decades to come. You never have to worry about value in the long run. Investment properties are a cash flow of wealth for your future. This type of investment is something to consider especially for individuals who are still in their 20’s. The earlier you start, the sooner you grow your money. If you are interested in real estate investments and need an investment property loan, contact Noble Mortgage. We have many financing options to get you started. You can call or fill out our short form to get a consultation. Our goal is to provide you with unmatched financing options so you can grow your investment the right way!]]>