Commercial and Residential Hard Money Lenders in Texas

Noble Mortgage & Investments is an industry leader with nearly two decades of experience in providing residential and commercial hard money loans for Texas real estate investors.


And we are so committed to providing excellent customer service that we offer a 5-point guarantee.

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Noble Mortgage has helped many home and business owners in the Texas area with hard money loans. Due to our extensive knowledge of the industry and years of experience, we can provide the right solutions for your financial needs. Hard money loans can be a great alternative to conventional banking as they rely on property value rather than credit history. We operate all over Texas, including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and more!

Not familiar with hard money loans? 

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Texas Residential Hard Money Lenders

Whether you are purchasing a distressed property in need of repairs or need a quick cash-out on an investment property, our experts can help. Our hard money loan program can potentially cover up to 100% of the purchase price, repairs, and any closing costs. Due to our vast experience,  attention to detail and excellent customer service, we can provide these loans within 10 business days.

Check out our hard money loan calculator to get an idea of the amount you will need to put down for your loan, if any. For more details reach out to one of our experts!

Texas Commercial Hard Money Lenders

For over 2 decades, we have been helping investors buy commercial real estate in Texas. Conventional loans from banks are often hard to get due to the requirements needed to qualify. However, hard money loans are based mostly on property value and less on credit history. As a result, this is often a great option for anyone who does not meet those requirements and needs a quick investment. Our process is quick, allowing you to acquire the commercial property as we understand real estate is a competitive market in Texas.

Check out our hard money loan calculator to get an idea of the amount you will need to put down for your loan, if any. For more details reach out to one of our experts! 

Other Loans We Provide:

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Conventional Loans

We also help our clients with 30-year residential conventional loans for owner and non-owner-occupied homes. Talk to a lender today and find out more about our competitive rates!

No-Income Loans

If you can’t qualify for a conventional loan, our no-income documentation loans are a great alternative. These loans typically offer long amortizations and are mainly for residential properties.

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Rob R.

Just completed my first deal with the Dallas team..great experience, Ryan and the team make every step simple and help in any way that they can!

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Niyi E.

I have worked with Jesse, Ryan, Chris, and several others on this team. I have done more deals with them than any other hard money lender because they are straight to the point and make the rehab process seamless.

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Lisa G.

Johnny from Noble’s Irving, TX location was AMAZING in expediting a hard money loan for my husband and I. Johnny was very knowledgeable and patient with us throughout the process.

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Dalia E.

Great experience with hard money loans. The whole transaction has been awesome. Jessica Snider is great, she kept me informed through the whole process.

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Areas We Serve

  • Houston
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
How does the hard money loan program work?

Noble’s hard money loan program was designed for investors who are purchasing homes that are in disrepair and want to leverage the After-Repaired-Value (ARV) of the property. We loan real estate investors money to purchase and rehab real estate property in Texas. We typically close in 7-10 business days, however, we have closed a loan in 24 hours previously! Hard Money is available for both residential and commercial property in first lien position.

What's the difference in a hard money loan and a traditional loan?

Hard money loans do not require the same documentation requirements of a traditional loan. We are a private lender and therefore make all lending decisions in-house!

What is required to qualify for a hard money loan?

It depends on what the exit strategy is for the loan. Flipping a home simply requires some capital reserves to handle loan payments and money to get the project started.

We do not have a minimum credit score if you are flipping.

However, if the investor intends on refinancing the property to hold as a rental property then they would need to qualify for long-term financing which Noble can arrange in-house. These loans typically require at least a 650 credit score.

What is ARV?

ARV, or after repair value, represents the current value plus the value added by any repairs or renovations. Read our blog post to learn more about ARV and how it’s determined.

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